The single most important part of your building is the roof. After all, it's the roof that protects your business. A leaky roof affects the safety of your employees, equipment, and inventory. A faulty roof almost put a Georgia company out of business due to mold from a roof leak.

Many business owners will neglect their roofs because it doesn't generate profit for them. In a way though, it does. Although it would be nice once in a while, it's obvious that you can't run your business outside. Your investments must be protected. Any loss affects your bottom line, and therefore your profit.

While it's tempting to just send an employee up to the roof with some black goo to fix a leak, what they're doing is only temporary. The leak will be back! It takes an expert in waterproofing to take into account the roof type, building construction, environmental factors, and the proper materials available to give you a roof you will have confidence in for years to come.

There are usually many solutions to your roof problem. Many roofing companies run their business to maximize their profit, at your expense. I was a plant manager for over 13 years. A lot of my success in that position was due to extensive cost benefit analysis and looking for the maximum return on investment. I look at your business like it was mine. When I look at your roof I think, "What can I do to end up with a roof that I don't have to worry about for a very long time, at the lowest possible cost?"

Another thing I'm very good at is driving inefficiency out of the processes. That means I can usually perform a job at a lower cost than others, which means a lower cost to you! 

Generally, if your current roof system is suitable for it, a coating should be considered, due to it's tax advantages. It can be fully expensed this year, reducing your tax liability. No depreciation required!

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